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UNP Polyvalves is manufacturing Corrosive application valves since 1988.

UNP started with all plastic Valves with limited size options ,today has a complete range of corrosive application valves in both options of Solid plastic Valves and Lined Valves. UNP now has Ball ,Plug ,Butterfly , Diaphragm Valves ,Non-return Valves ,Strainers ,Sampling valves ,Pipes and Pipe fittings. This completes range of complete piping solution in corrosive applications.

UNP has most modern facility situated at Por with latest moulding technology and highest moulding capacity to manufacture lined valves as large as 24" with Injection moulding machines of largest capacity in the country.

Envisioned for quality and reliability, UNP Polyvalves aims for highest level of Customer satisfaction through its solutions with the commitment for excellence In all spheres of business.

UNP Polyvalves posesses live skill sets headed by highly knowledgeable, technically experienced entrepreneurs. These experts lead and guide their team with a great vision to achieve high quality standards to make products for its high performance and unmatched quality.

UNP Polyvalves, over all these years has been dealing with almost all chemical process industries in Chlor Alkali, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Mining, Refineries etc., in India and exporting to 35+ countries in the world including market such as USA, Europe, Latin America, Africa, Russia, South East Asia, Australia etc….

UNP Polyvalves through its technical expertise and involvement in knowing Physical process parameters could help resolving corrosion problems related to valves and piping system in Industries such as Chlor Alkali, CRM in Steel Industries, Chemical injection skids for Oil and Gas and many more chemical plants across the world.

UNP today has approvals from leading consultants such as UHDE, Jacobs Engineering, Mott McDonald, Toyo Engineering, Fluor Daniel, TUV, EIL etc., and have worked for their prestigious projects.

Kindly watch the Company profile at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cl-Qwc-QgCE

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